1. A Look Deeper into the Character of Marceline


    It is no question that Marceline is a character with depth, from her feautured episodes to the ones she shares with the Ice King, her backstory is so interesting to decipher. I myself have picked up on a few things from watching her past episodes that I wanted to really share with the Adventure Time community, so let’s dive in.

    **WARNING: This may be a little bit heavy and also quite long**

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    well written and makes sense
    But, please note that the portrait downstairs was confirmed by the creators to be a portrait of Mary and Jesus as well, not a portrait of Marcy and her mom. though your theory still mostly fits


  2. It’s very unfortunate that Lin doesn’t have (or doesn’t use) the ability to detect lies from reading the earth. Seems like if this was Toph, she would’ve just known Mako was telling the truth when he said he didn’t know where the money came from.


  3. About that whole

    Aang: Prevents Fire Nation from invading Southern Water Tribe

    Korra: Leads Fire Nation to invade Southern Water Tribe


    the thing is they are actually doing the same thing.

    In Aang’s case he persuaded the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes (mostly the Earth Kingdom) to attack (or rather counter attack) the Fire Nation becuase the Fire Nation was invading other countries.

    Now let’s look at Korra. She may seem to have started a civil war… but come one… how could one person possibly just start a civil war, Avatar or not. It was obvious, even from the first series that the water tribes had a deep unresolved conflict between them and it’s only now that that has shown on the surface.

    She is only persuading the Fire Nation to help protect and counter attack the Nothern Tribe because the North invaded the South first. It’s basically the same situation as with Aang.

    And if everybody would go back to see the first season of A:TLA, we can see that Aang, Katara, Sokka, everybody also acted immaturely and based on their feelings too. Don’t you remember when Aang hid Hakoda’s message to Katara and Sokka just becuase he thought they would leave him? But they progressed through time and I still believe that these characters will develop as well.

  4. Shakespeare quotes.

  6. nope, still not over sky witch

  9. I do not make films primarily for children. I make them for the child in all of us, whether we be six or sixty. -Walt Disney

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  10. Her chin on his shoulder, his adorable little smile!


    And I was like,

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